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The ultimate front-end upgrade for city cyclists.
Harmony meets Elegance.
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Aintro handlebars feature an innovative patented design made in Italy to increase your cycling safety and riding posture. Aintro cuts down weight, all while giving your bike a fresh and exclusive look.
Aintro improves your riding posture and the reaction time of your braking, all while keeping the brake cables out of your way. With the brakes’ levers integrated into your handlebars instead of being mounted separately, your breaking reaction increases significantly.
How? With Aintro, you won't have to change the position of your hand before braking.
Change The Look.
Now that Aintro has cleaned up the front of your bicycle, you can add some modern touches without hassles, such as a basket or a pet carrier. Aintro was not only designed for safety and practicality. It can change your bicycle's entire look and feel, making it truly unique.
How Light Is Your Bike?
Cyclists will understand the importance of shaving off even a few grams of weight. It is not always easy and super light bicycles come with a heavy price tag.

The carbon Aintro is half the weight of aluminum handlebars, while the wooden Aintro is less than half. Now you can cut weight without breaking the bank!
Quality Comes First
Produced in Italy with exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials, Aintro will last a lifetime.

Aintro handlebars turn urban cycling into an absolute pleasure.
Change the way you cycle for the better, with Aintro
Lasting Benefits, Exceptional Features
Improved riding posture and brake sensitivity
A practical and attractive design
Made in Italy
Creating a safer urban cycling experience
Compatible with any bicycle
Reduces the weight of your bicycle
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